Predictive Costs for Technology Support

When you are in business, one of the most important performance indicators to keep an eye on are your costs. With increased technology integration into almost every aspect of business, IT support costs can quickly become the focus of attention. Some of this is because implementing new technology can be expensive and some could be the inconsistency in support needs. There is nothing wrong with only calling an IT support specialist when you need them, but for some companies, mainly those who are somewhere between occasional needs and needing an in-house IT team, contract-based IT services are a great way to stabilize support costs.

You may be asking yourself what is that and how would it work. Basically, instead of paying for support each time you need it, you pay a flat monthly fee. So instead of seeing peaks and valleys in support costs, you find yourself being able to predict what support costs will be each month. The image below shows an example of a company’s IT spending over two years. Both lines represent spending the same amount of money on IT support, but one is much flatter and easier to manage than the other.

At Fastek Services, LLC, we offer a variety of flexible support plan options to fit your specific business needs. If you are interested in stabilizing your technology budget or partnering with someone to get your technology troubles under control, contact Fastek about our preventative maintenance and support plans.

Published on October 30, 2014

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