Structured Cabling

Fastek’s cabling team will help you run new cable, or clean up and update an existing system. We’ll give you a functional system and a clean end product.

Simplify Your Data Cabling & Network Wiring

Bad cable design presents many difficulties for your network engineering teams. "Spaghetti cables" can make installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting more costly, time-consuming, and difficult. Our team has years of experience with data cabling and network wiring services. We provide structured cabling and data cabling installation services as well as general network wiring services to companies in the Western Kentucky area. A proper structured cabling installation can help streamline your IT troubleshooting and maintenance costs.


Start Off On The Right Foot

One of the most critical and necessary elements to consider when building a new data center or office is cable management. Structured cabling and data cabling management require strategy. If you don't plan ahead, you're going to end up with a terrible space for your servers as well as poor air circulation and connectivity which will be detrimental to your entire network's performance.

Our cabling projects include

  • Low-voltage cabling for phone, data, and security

  • New construction

  • Remodel

  • Old-work

Provides infrastructure for

  • Wireless networking

  • VoIP phone systems

  • PCs/Laptops

  • Camera systems

  • Wired networking